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Xray GTX8 & GTXE C-hub conversion kit

Coming from Xray and made for their GTX8 nitro and GTXE electric 1/8th scale GT kits is a C-hub front suspension conversion set. The C-hub suspension is suited for most standard track conditions and makes the car more responsive while increasing steering, resulting in faster lap times. The C-hub suspension also reduces tyre wear with the caster being easily adjustable in a ±2 degree range using various optional caster blocks.

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Carlos Barros wins IRC Series

The final round of the Spanish IRC Series was held at the Totana track recently. In the single Touring 10.5T class it was Carlos Barros with the overall TQ and also the win at the final round, posting also the best qualifying time and fastest lap in the process. With three TQs and three wins out of four rounds, Carlos also took the overall 2019 championship.

Image: Carlos Barros

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Neil Cragg wins at Answer-RC Winter Series Rd4

Round 4 of the Answer-RC Winter Series was held at the PDMCC club this past weekend. Chilly weather made for challenging conditions and it was Team Associated’s Neil Cragg who made the best out of it, taking the TQ and also the win in the 22-minute A-main event, leaving behind HB Racing pilot, Nick Cox in 2nd, some two laps down. Allan Ward (HB Racing) rounded out the top 3 results another lap down.

Image: Neil Cragg

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Max Götzl sweeps Czech Masters Series Rd3

Round 3 of the Czech Masters Series was held at the Sport Arena in Prague this past weekend. The electric off-road series saw the running of five different classes and in 2WD Mod Buggy it was Max Götzl (Xray) with the clean sweep after the four qualifiers for the overall TQ from SWorkz’s Jiri Mara on the 2 spot. The triple A-main events then again saw Max on top and with three straight wins he took the overall from Antonia Kovalszki (Xray) in 2nd and Jiri Mara in 3rd.

Over in 4WD Mod Buggy it was again Max with the qualifying sweep and he again on all three A-main events from Jiri Mara in 2nd and Antonia Kovalszki in 3rd.

With the TQ and win in the Stadium Truck class Max completed a very successful weekend, leaving behind Marcel Dostal in 2nd and Frank Hempel in 3rd.

Images: Max Götzl

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Yeah Racing Avante carbon steel driveshafts

Yeah Racing have introduced a set of carbon steel CV-style driveshafts for the Tamiya Avante vintage off-road buggy. Made of high-quality material the driveshafts offer improved durability for a longer life and and less wear during off-road abuse or when running more powerful motors. The set includes two driveshafts usable on the front or rear of the buggy.

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DiBrino & Pillars win at Rockstar Winter Off-road Series

Round 3 of the Rockstar Winter Off-road Series was held at PDX RC Underground in Portland, Oregon this past Saturday, attracting nearly 60 entries. The Modified 2WD Buggy class saw Andy DiBrino taking the overall TQ and also the wins in A1 and A2 of the triple A-main events, leaving behind Joe Pillars in 2nd and Ryan Reavis in 3rd.

The 13.5T Wheeler class had Joe Pillars coming out on top in the single 5-minute A-main event, taking the win tone-to-tone and leaving behind Jim Meyer in 2nd and Cole Hegar in 3rd.

In Stock Truck it was Jeff Snavely with the overall Tq and also the win, leaving behind Mike Nguyen in 2nd, a lap down while Daniel Jeppesen came in 3rd to round out the top 3.

17.5T Buggy was won by Cole Hegar, coming from 3rd on the grid as Lance Lucas and Daniel Jeppesen completed the top 3 after the triple A-mains.

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JConcepts RC10T Team truck body

JConcepts have announced the release of their Team Associated RC10T Team truck body. When Team Associated decided to pull the trigger and build a 1/10th Stadium truck, they went all-the-way. In the process, a class was ignited and the RC10T was born. One of the most sought-after looks in the vintage RC community is the look of a stadium truck from the 1990’s and racers love the 10T. There might have been no better look than the RC10T and RC10GT during the golden age of stadium truck and the body design had a lot to do with it. JConcepts, with approval from Team Associated, have reintroduced the genuine RC10T Team Truck body shell to the masses. This allows the faithful to recreate, rebuild and race with authentically styled bodies from the heyday of competitive stadium truck racing. A lot of work went into making this project a reality and thankfully, Team Associated preserved the iconic mould from the 1993 calendar year. JConcepts was able to restore older generation construction and with a blend of today’s materials, the RC10T body is back out on the market. Everyone knows the iconic style, the front hood-scoop which is forged over the front shock geometry along with dead-panned front headlights and grille. The neutral cab design with built-in number plates and roll-bar stand-out which gave enthusiasts their first memory of racing stadium trucks. The quarter round wheel well flares added a bit of realism to the design while the lengthy rear spoiler provided some much-needed rear downforce for slippery race conditions. The body comes with window masks but no decal sheet.

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IGT8 new design hubs & knuckle arms

Coming from IGT8 and made for their range of 1/8th GT vehicles are new hubs and knuckle arms with optional carbon fibre wheel discs. Tested by the company’s team drivers on different tracks and in various conditions, the new rear hubs offer three different roll centre positions while the front knuckles utilise a new 2.5 degree kingpin angle which provide more steering than the previous 5 degree plastic and aluminium versions. As for the newly developed wheel discs, these create more traction and can be used as a tuning option.

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The smaller scale seems to be gaining popularity lately and with companies like Axial, RC4WD and Carisma having several available to choose from, it’s helping these little giants gain traction. I will tell you this, when I saw the smaller scale starting to make its way into a world dominated by 1:10 I was not […]
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Xtra Speed XS03 Scale Crawler Kit

The folks over at Xtra Speed have released information on their upcoming XS03 Scale Crawler Kit. The XS03 picks up where the XS02 took off, with even more impressive realism and features. Check this out- * Aluminum portal axles * 313mm wheelbase, 200mm width * Improved trail performance * Metal 2-speed transmission * Metal simulated […]
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Tamiya Toyota Supra Racing (A80) Kit

Coming soon from Tamiya is the Toyota Supra Racing (A80) kit (#47433). The Toyota Supra has a huge following of fans around the globe, this version has a great scale look, and sits on Tamiya’s versatile TT-02 4wd chassis. As we awaiting more details, why not make the jump over to the official Tamiya USA […]
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Diecast Masters Cat 330D L 1/20 Scale Excavator

Coming soon from Diecast Masters is a fully licensed Cat 330D L 1/20th scale excavator. This affordable, yet highly capable dirt mover, marks one of the few licensed Cat products in hobby grade rc. Here are the highlights- * Painted in genuine Cat yellow * Heavy die-cast metal parts * Precision cut metal gears * […]
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Speed Paradise club race – Report

The iconic Speed Paradise track in Buenos Aires, Argentine, home of the 2012 IMFAR Nitro Buggy Worlds, recently held a their Speed Paradise club race that was attended by some of the country’s fastest off-road racers. In Pro Nitro Buggy it was Nicolas Bregante with the overall TQ, however he couldn’t convert it to a win as Emilio Iacobucci would walk away with the silverware. Nicolas had to settle for 2nd and in front of Gianni Lupacciolu in 3rd.

In the Buggy Master class it was Juan Cruz Garcia with the win from Rodrigo De Cesare in 2nd and Claudio Cruzado in 3rd.

Buggy Open Results saw Alejandro Occhiuzzi taking the win from Gustavo Rainone in 2nd and Lucas Sosa in 3rd.

Over in Nitro Truggy it was Gustavo Alberdi with the day’s win from Javier Cataldo and Dante Maximo Covino in 2nd and 3rd respectively.

Last but not last in the E-Buggy category it was Bregante Nicolas with the TQ and win from Patricio Radosta and Nicolás Weber.

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Associated Electrics FT Enduro Shock Set

New from Associated Electrics is a Factory Team Enduro Shock Set. These high-end shocks comes standard with CNC machined aluminum bodies, as well as ultra-smooth Delrin pistons. * Size- 10x90mm * Polished steel shock shafts * Threaded aluminum spring collars * Chromed steel pivot balls * Comes with Element RC’s 1.49 lb/in gray springs * […]
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Ultimate Racing – M3X V2.0 CERAMIC nitro off road engine

Ultimate Racing – M3X V2.0 CERAMIC nitro off road engine.

Modelix Racing ha presentato il nuovo motore nitro off road 3,5 cc Ultimate Racing M3X V2.0. Come il suo predecessore M3X, il V2.0 è un tre luci realizzato dal prestigioso marchio giapponese O.S. Engines ed è basato sul motore corsa quadra Speed B21 Ty Tessmann edition II.
Il motore M3X V2.0 è stato appositamente progettato per ottenere massime prestazioni, minor consumi e facilità di messa a punto.
L’albero motore è quello B2101 progettato per garantire un flusso ottimale di carburante grazie al design aerodinamico e al riempimento in silicone per aumentare la potenza a bassi regimi.
A differenza del precedente M3X, il V2.0 viene fornito con il carburatore 21 J3. Il porta spillo del massimo è stato riprogettato per un miglior raffreddamento del flusso di carburante nel carburatore, garantendo grande stabilità al minimo, migliorando il consumo di carburante e le prestazioni complessive del motore. Anche l’uniball per il leverismo del gas è stato modificato con due grani di fissaggio anziché uno in modo da poter regolare più facilmente l’angolazione del giunto uniball senza dover smontare il motore. Il venturi è in alluminio da 6,5 mm.
In linea con l’alta qualità e le prestazioni di questo motore, i suoi due cuscinetti di alta precisione realizzati in Giappone assicurano elevata stabilità al minimo, maggiore durata e basso attrito alle alte temperature. Il cuscinetto anteriore è con sfere in acciaio mentre quello posteriore è con sfere in ceramica.
Il tappo carter posteriore è realizzato in alluminio svizzero 7075-T6 lavorato CNC. È fresato per migliorare il flusso di miscela diretto al pistone e, grazie al suo nuovo design, è possibile rimuovere biella e pistone anche quando quest’ultimo si trova al punto morto inferiore. Le scanalature laterali consentono di rimuovere facilmente il tappo carter posteriore senza dover utilizzare alcun attrezzo che possa danneggiarlo.
La testa di raffreddamento è stata ridisegnata da Modelix. Non è bassa come quella del B2102 ma è più leggera quindi il baricentro resta basso come il B2102 ma la capacità di raffreddamento è migliore. Ulterior informazioni ed immagini sono disponibili cliccando QUI.


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Ielasi Tuned sign Kim Einert

Ielasi Tuned have announced the signing of Germany’s Kim Einert to their team. The fast young girl will start her 2020 campaign for her new engine sponsor at the IBR Padova One Race One Man event with other appearances will include the EFRA European Championships in Spain as well as select major international and national races. Kim says:

I am super happy that I can say I am part of team Iealsi Tuned. I’m looking forward to good teamwork and growing up with Ielasi Tuned. I can not wait to start this new project. Last year at the Bitty Contest in Italy I met Daniele first time. He saved the rainy Friday. Already from day one we got along well. That’s why I am looking forward to a good cooperation with Daniele and Sabrina. Thanks for your trust even if I am not one of the professional drivers.

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Ultimate Racing M3X V2.0 Ceramic .21 engine

Modelix Racing have announced the release of the new Ultimate Racing M3X V2.0 Ceramic 3.5cc nitro off-road engine. Manufactured by O.S. Engines and based on their square stroke Speed B21 Ty Tessmann II edition power plant, the UR M3X V2.0 Ceramic was designed to offer maximum power, performance and tuneability with the engine offering a smooth and linear power supply from low to high RPM. The carburettor, crankcase and crankshaft have been developed to improve fuel consumption while the ceramic main bearings further enhances the engine’s overall performance. M3X V2.0 Ceramic utilises the 21 J3 carburettor, it comes with a modified backplate for improved gas flow and a B2101 crankshaft for increased power at low RPM. The setup of the 3-port engine is rounded out by a 6.5mm venturi insert and a specially designed, lightweight cooling head.

– Displacement: 3.49cc
– Power output: 2.61hp @ 34,000 rpm
– Practical range RPM: 4,000 – 42,000 rpm
– Bore x Stroke: 16.40×16.40mm
– Sleeve: 3 + 1 ports
– Rear ball bearing: ceramic
– Front ball bearing: steel
– Crankshaft: 14mm
– Carburettor: 21 J3
– Glow plug: P3 Turbo
– Exhaust Position: rear
– Fuel type: 25% nitro

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Marka Racing Awesomatix driveshaft tool

Coming soon from Marka Racing is their new aluminium driveshaft tool for the Awesomatix touring cars. The 2-piece set allows for easier building and maintenance of the front driveshafts when using the standard or optional ST17-1-S hexagonal couplers. The wrenches come machined from high-quality aluminium, they sport a black surface coating for wear and laser-etched Marka Racing logos for easy identification.

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Kyosho Fazer MK2/FZ02 ST front hub ball tool

Kyosho have introduced their new ST front hub ball tool for the Fazer MK2 and FZ02 vehicles. It helps with installation or removal of the front hub ball as it ensures straight tightening without damaging the ball while also being of help when swapping the standard nylon ball for the optional FAW218 HD ST ball. The tool is machined from aluminium, it features a red surface coating for wear and comes including a high-strength cap head screw.

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