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Team Associated DR10 Drag Race Car Team Kit

New from Team Associated is the Team Kit Version of their extremely popular DR10 No-Prep Drag Race Car. The kit version allows you to assemble it yourself and use your own electronics for a truly custom build. Check out these features- * Rear anti-roll bar * 26 precision ball bearings * Water-resistant enclosed receiver box […]
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Teaser – Pro-Line Showtime Dirt Oval Wheels

Being teased now by Pro-Line for all you dirt oval racers out there are 2.2″ Showtime Front & Rear Wheels. The Showtime dirt oval wheels are sized to fit 2.2″ front and rear buggy tires and are aggressively styled. Street pricing should be right around $13 per pair and you can hit up this link […]
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Milanowicz & Ruman win at Polish On-road Nats Rd1

The opening round of the Polish On-Road Nationals was held in Jelcz-Laskowice last weekend. The event saw the running of a multitude of electric and nitro classes and in Touring 17.5T Stock it was Michal Milanowicz with the overall TQ from Tomasz Fryc in 2nd. A1 saw Tomasz taking the win after a couple of mishaps of Michal allowed Tomasz to pass the pole position holder. In A2 Michal was able to hold onto the lead and to bring home the win by a small 0.5 seconds margin from Tomasz in 2nd. So the third and final A-main would bring the decision and ultimately it was Michal who walked away with the win and thus the overall victory with Tomasz Fryc in 2nd and Adrian Lippich in 3rd. After the race Michal became aware that he was using a too small diameter rotor in his motor and after reporting his mistake to the judges in great sportsmanship, it was decided that he was able to keep the win since he couldn’t report himself and he was just reminded to use a legal rotor the next race.

Over in the Formula class it was Michal Bugajski with the overall TQ from Jan Ruman and Sebastian Stepniak. In A1 it was Jan with the win from Michal and also A2 would see Jan taking the top spot for an early overall win as Sebastian snatched the win in A3 to cement his overall runner-up position from Michal Bugajski in 3rd.

Images: Michal Milanowicz

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Losing grip – RC and utilitarianism

”Utilitarianism” is not a tongue-twister first and foremost, but a book published by the British philosopher John Stuart Mill in 1863. It is one of the most influential philosophical works of the nineteenth century, and is still frequently quoted. Sometimes in even places as random as columns on RC drifting, something I am positively certain […]
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JConcepts Speed Shop T-shirt

JConcepts have introduced their new Speed Shop T-shirt. Since the beginning, JConcepts has been interested in one thing, speed. Throughout the years, the company has worked in the shop to create a line-up of products to capture racing wins with a performance-oriented core of racers. Deep within the confines of the shop, the crew created the JConcepts Garage to host videos, talk racing and display winning vehicles and collections. The Speed Shop was born and creates a perfect situation to introduce the new t-shirt specific to the racing crowd past and present who respect the go-fast culture. The black colour shirt is available in adult M to 3XL sizes and features white graphics front and rear.

Source: JConcepts []

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LCG Racing battery voltage checker

Coming from LCG Racing is their new LiPo battery voltage checker. The handy device allows for quick and convenient voltage checking, ensuring pilots never mix up charged and used packs in the rush minutes before a run. The voltage checker comes pre-wired with stepped 4mm/5mm connectors making it compatible with most bullet-type connector LiPo batteries on the market. It is capable of measuring a wide voltage range of 2.4V to 26V and it is available with a red, green or blue display from now on.

Source: LCG Racing []

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Hudy Professional XL display racing stopwatch

Hudy have announced the release of their all-new Professional XL display racing stopwatch. The premium-quality racing stopwatch features 300-lap memory and an extra-large XL 3-row display with an accuracy of 0.01 seconds. The design of the display allows for perfectly visibility in all conditions both on indoor and outdoor, it instantly shows split time, lap time, and total elapsed time as well as number of laps. The easy to use menu ensure convenient recall of fastest, slowest and average split/lap time. The stopwatch allows to recall fastest, slowest and average lap time during the run and it shows in which actual lap the fastest and slowest time was achieved. It also features a time and calendar display, alarm, and a back light. Included comes a lanyard and optional hard case for safe storage.

Source: Hudy []

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ARRMA 1/5 Outcast 8S BLX RTR Stunt Truck

New from ARRMA is the 1/5 scaled Outcast 8S BLX RTR Stunt Truck. The large scale version of the mighty Outcast comes with a SMART 8S capable ESC and a powerful BLX brushless motor. Check out these highlights- * Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz radio with SRS6110AT AVC receiver * Spektrum Firma 160A Smart ESC * Wheelie […]
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Serpent X20 low-friction belt

Available now from Serpent is a white colour low-friction drivetrain belt for the X20 Medium mid-motor touring car. Using the belt front and rear will reduce natural drivetrain drag while maximising drivetrain efficiency for lower motor temps and increased acceleration when running in stock motor classes. The belt comes separately and is usable in the front and rear of the car.

Source: Serpent []

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Arrma 1/5 Outcast 8S BLX 4WD Brushless Stunt Truck

Horizon Hobby have introduced the new Arrma 1/5 Outcast 8S BLX 4WD Brushless ready-to-run stunt truck. Driven by 8S brushless power and an Arrma-tough design, the Outcast 8S BLX 4WD delivers the torque, acceleration and speed bashers need for extreme action in 1/5th scale. The ready-to-run stunt truck comes equipped to defy gravity right out of the box. From the heavy-duty front bumper to the wheelie bar in back, it’s engineered to do it all: long, tall wheelies; tight, fast donuts; standing and aerial backflips; high leaps into the air; and more — over all terrain, in all conditions. The truck includes a Spektrum DX3 Smart transmitter and SRS6110AT AVC Active Vehicle Control receiver that take full advantage of the Spektrum Smart Firma brushless motor and ESC’s telemetry capabilities. Users can download the free Spektrum Dashboard App to their mobile device and follow motor RPM, ESC temperature, receiver voltage, drive pack voltage and more data in real-time.

Bigger than big and engineered for brute power and toughness, the truck features a metal-reinforced design that lets the driver blast up, over and through bruising obstacles. Metal shafts, turnbuckles and outdrives, plus all-metal internal gears, give the drivetrain and suspension system unstoppable strength. Even the included Spektrum S905 digital servo boasts the strength of metal gears. The extra-rigid, laser-etched, anodised aluminium chassis plate has a multi-structured centre brace system, rear lower chassis brace and strong composite chassis side pods for the durability to support extreme stunts. Extra-thick moulded composite front and rear shock towers hold massive 20mm bore, oil-filled adjustable shocks to soak-up bumps and jolts.

Arrma keeps the maintenance time to the minimum with an efficient, driver-friendly design. A sliding, 3-bolt aluminium mount provides fast motor access. The vehicle’s front, rear and centre modules and waterproof electronics module are also engineered for quick and easy access, removal and maintenance. The ultra-tough truck body arrives factory trimmed, painted and decalled. A centre protection tower on the chassis interfaces with the roll cage for increased body durability. Its tough stunt truck wheels come outfitted with metal 24mm hex inserts and multi-terrain dBoots Backflip tyres that provide all the traction the driver needs to flip, grip, wheelie and spin. A high downforce wing helps keep the vehicle grounded — and a wheelie bar is there for when only 90 degree wheelies will do.

– Arrma modular platform with many “custom-build” options
– Adjustable battery boxes with hook and loop straps
– Chassis brace options including tower-to-tower
– Reverse bell crank steering system
– Heavy-duty double spring servo saver
– Hex hardware throughout
– Versatile chassis accepts motors up to 56110 size and 1/6 or 1/5 size servos
– Spektrum DX3 2.4GHz Radio with SRS6110AT AVC Receiver
– Spektrum Firma 160A Smart ESC
– Spektrum Firma 1250Kv Brushless Motor
– Spektrum S905 Metal-Geared Digital Servo
– 4-Wheel shaft drive
– 8S Power (two 4S batteries, not included)
– Anti-roll bars (optional, not included)
– Massive 20mm bore oil-filled adjustable shocks
– Wheelie bar with rubber tires for maximum stunting
– High downforce wing fitted with special wear screws to protect the wing when upside down
– Extra-rigid, laser-etched anodised aluminium chassis
– Multi-structured centre brace system
– Rear lower chassis brace
– Strong composite chassis side pods
– Under-chassis skids
– Metal inserts moulded into the front steering knuckles
– Metal wishbone covers to prevent the pivot ball from pulling out of the arms
– Extra-thick moulded composite front and rear shock towers
– Heavy-duty drivetrain
– Durable steel driveshafts
– All-metal diff outdrives and gearbox internals
– Spiral-cut crown/pinion gears
– Metal differential gears
– Metal spur/idler gear
– Aluminium sliding motor mount
– Heavy-duty dual spring servo saver
– Waterproof receiver box
– Electronic ESC power switch
– Captured hinge pins
– Aluminium hanger inserts
– Center protection tower that interfaces with the roll cage for increased body durability
– Body clip protection pads on top of body
– Single piece wing mount
– Heavy-duty front bumper
– Metal 24mm hex inserts in wheels
– Easy access to front and rear differentials (5 screws)
– Easy-to-remove Power Module (5 screws)
– Sliding motor mount for easy motor removal (3 screws)
– Easy-to-remove chassis braces (1 clip with retainer)
– Easy-to-remove front, rear and centre modules
– Easy-access waterproof electronics module

Source: Arrma []

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Samix SCX10 III 8-piece high-clearance link set

Samix have announced the release of their new 8-piece high-clearance titanium suspension link set for the Axial SCX10 III trail truck. It uses the same suspension links as the previously introduced 10-piece set, however it does not include the steering links. The lower suspension links are of an angled design for improved ground clearance in challenging terrain, improving the truck’s overall climbing performance while adding visual impact and corrosion resistance at the same time.

Source: Samix []

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Tamiya M-08 aluminium frame post

Coming from Tamiya and made for the M-08 M-Chassis kit is an aluminium frame post set. It includes machined aluminium posts that replace the standard B8 plastic parts for increased rigidity, a more streamlined appearance and a lower weight. The posts come blue anodised for surface protection and visual appearance and in sets of four.

Source: Tamiya []

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T-Works RC8B3.2 connector style on/off switch

T-Works have introduced their new connector style on/off switch set for the Team Associated RC8B3.2 buggy. The set includes a machined carbon fibre receiver box cover that incorporates a sturdy XT-style connector that acts as an on/off switch using the included jumper plug. The whole assembly does away with the need for a standard mechanical switch in favour of a more robust solution that is less sensitive to dust, dirt and moisture. The kit is a drop-in solution and it includes pre-wired standard universal-type receiver and battery connectors.

Source: T-Works []

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R1 Wurks V16 Drag Racing Tuned 3.5T & 4.5T motors

Coming from R1 Wurks are their new V16 Drag Racing Tuned 4.5T 7500kv & 3.5T 9000kv motors. For the past few months, R1 Wurks been testing and gathering datalogs using their Digital 3 ESC, from some of the fastest RC drag racers around the U.S.. That amount of data allowed the company to understand the need for efficient power conversion, with the goal of generating the most power while controlling the amp draw to a minimum. With that goal in mind, R1 Wurkd created a line of custom built motors set for different budgets to make the most bang for the buck. Our base tune starts with the Drag Racing Tuned variant and upgrades go all the way up to the All Out Build. The full build comes with winding resistance measurements, rotor magnetic data sheet, sensor alignment, hand picked stator, full titanium screw kit pro installed and the gold standard in ceramic bearings, all pro installed. Other builds include hand-picked stators, aligned sensors and hand-picked stators, as well as aligned sensors, hand-picked stators and titanium screw kits. Full details can be found on R1 Wurks’ website here.

Source: R1 Wurks []

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Smokem Racing R12 carbon fibre camber link shim set

Coming from Smokem Racing and made for the ARC R12 touring car is a carbon fibre camber link shim set. Made from 100 percent carbon fibre, their design allows racers to adjust the inner camber link position on the ARC R12 with ease. No longer there is a need to completely remove the upper link brace, add or remove spacers but with the shims drivers simply loosen the screws, remove or add shims as needed, then retighten the screws. The set comes complete with four shims in 1.0mm thickness and four shims in 1.5mm thickness.

Source: Smokem Racing []

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Ministry Of Bearing S35-4E fan mounts

Available now from Ministry Of Bearing is are their new carbon fibre fan mounts for the SWorkz S35-4E 1/8th electric buggy. Machined from high-quality carbon fibre the mounts attach to the centre bulkhead, pointing towards the motor can for sturdy and reliable mounting of a motor cooling fan. The mounts are available for 30mm and 40mm fan units and aluminium threaded inserts ensure proper mounting of the fan unit.

Source: Ministry Of Bearing []

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RC4WD 1/10 Hi-Lift Extreme Jack

The good folks over at RC4WD have dropped a new 1/10th scaled Hi-Lift Extreme Jack. Working in conjunction with the crew over at Hi-Lift, the new Extreme Jack from RC4WD has insane levels of scale realism. Check out these features- * Fully functional down to the smallest detail * Hand painted for increased realism * […]
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Tremblay, Deschenes & Belanger win in Sherbrooke

The Circuit Teleguide Offroad Estrie track of Sherbrooke, Canada held a club race last weekend, attracting over 100 entries for the 1/10th and 1/8th scale classes. 2WD Buggy saw Guillaume Tremblay with the overall TQ from Xavier Belanger in 2nd. In the single 7-minute A-main event Guillaume would lead from start to finish, taking the win with a lap margin from Xavier in 2nd. Dave Belley would round out the top 3 some seven seconds behind.

Over in 4WD Buggy it was Xavier Belanger with the overall TQ, however it was Eric Deschenes with the win a narrow 0.3 seconds in front of Olivier Raposo on the runner-up spot. Xavier had to settle for 3rd overall some 2.5 seconds behind.

In the 1/8th E-Buggy class Xavier would take the TQ and win some 0.4 seconds in front of Brian Ross as 8th place qualifier, Fred Laurin came in 3rd overall to round out the top 3 result.

Source: JQRacing []

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