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RC4WD Intimidator Pulling Sled

Whoa, have a look at this. RC4WD has just dropped a new Intimidator Pulling Sled! The Intimidator not only features a heavy duty design for all your hardcore pulling needs, but also knocks it out of the park with insane scale realism. Here are the highlights- * Pre-built for your convenience * 36.51″ in length […]
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New Assembled Chevrolet Blazer Body Kits From Traxxas

New from Traxxas is a Fully Assembled Chevrolet Blazer Body Kit. The body kit comes completely pre-painted, pre-cut, and pre-assembled, thus making a quick and easy upgrade for your scale rig. * Includes chrome bumpers & bumper mounts * 312mm wheelbase * Injection molded grill, side mirrors, and door handles * #8130R for red, #8130X […]
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RC4WD 1/10 Heavy Duty Cargo Box

The crew over at RC4WD have dropped an all new Heavy Duty Cargo Box. Like most things RC4WD, their cargo box had a lot of design go into it. With a hinged lid and magnets on the bottom for easy mounting, the RC4WD heavy duty cargo box is a perfect add-on to your next scale […]
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Exotek Stuttgart M-Class Super Car Clear Body

New from Exotek is the Stuttgart M-Class Super Car Clear Body. The Stuttgart is sized to fit cars with a 225mm wheelbase and features a classic sports car look. * Clear M-class body * 225mm wheelbase, 176mm width * Wide body fenders * Aggressive front splitter * Low side skirts * Double rear wing * […]
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Schumacher Cougar Laydown alloy diff conversion

Coming from Schumacher and made for their Cougar Laydown, KD, KR and SV2 kits is an aluminium diff conversion. The alloy case gives super precision and strength and has a larger oil volume for more consistency during a run while also helping with temperate management. The main large shim also thicker for more reliability. The conversion includes all parts necessary and the externals are also available separately so drivers can use donor parts from their current diff.

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Ruddog CA Tire Glue CA super glues

Ruddog Distribution have introduced their new Tire Glue line of CA super glues. Available as thin and medium viscosity variants the glues are ideal to securely bond on-road and off-road rubber tyres to their wheels with the thin variant being ideal to let the glue flow into even the smallest of gaps while the medium variant is also usable to seal tyre sidewalls in order to counter traction rolling. Both glues come in 20g bottles and they include angled glue tips to make application even more convenient.

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Fonte: RED RC. A800MMX LCG aluminium chassis have introduced new LCG aluminium chassis for the Awesomatix A800MMX mid motor touring car. Available as standard, read: more flexible variant and also in full-face High Traction specification, both chassis will improve the car’s handling in medium to high-bite traction conditions with the heavier machined chassis being ideal for medium grip tracks due to increased torsional flex while the solid surface High Traction variant is best used in high to ultra high traction conditions. Both come with a hard-anodised surface coating and they are available separately or including a 2-piece set of snuggly fitting screw-on front brass weights.

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PR Racing introduce new S1 platform optionals

Coming from PR Racing and made for the S1 series of off-road vehicles are several updated or new parts. First up is the 2020 S1 front chassis top plate. The bulkhead was optimised and now incorporates a front swaybar mount that allows for easy attachment of the optional 2020 S1 front swaybar set. The front chassis top plate kit is also usable with the V3T and SC201 trucks and the optional anti-roll bar kit includes all needed hardware as well as 1.3mm and 1.4mm wires. While being at optional front swaybar kits, PR Racing also releases a truck compatible kit, again using 1.3mm and 1.4mm wires and including all needed mounting hardware. Last but not least come two new wishbone sets, a front gullwing lower arm set for the PRS1V3 Type R and a ST1 and SC201 compatible full arm set. Both include updated arms that feature anti-roll bar mounting positions.

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T-Works 5.5mm & 7mm nut drivers

Coming from T-Works are their new nut drivers for 5.5mm and 7mm hardware. The range includes long and short tip socket drivers as well as a dual 5.5mm and 7mm driver, doing away with the need to carry both sizes separately. The alloy handle tools are marked for easy identification, utilise high-quality tool tips and they are of the same design as T-Works’ recently introduced hex wrenches.

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Exotek Stuttgart 225mm M-class body shell

Exotek have introduced their new Stuttgart 225mm wheelbase M-class body shell for modern MTC 4WD touring cars. The Super Car body features wide body fenders, an aggressive front splitter, low side skirts, lowered stance and the unmistakable Japanese tuning style double wings, producing incredible handling in a lightweight, low LCG package while doing it in style. The body is of 225mm wheelbase, 176mm width specification and moulded from premium, heavy duty yet lightweight polycarbonate. It includes M3 hardware, a double wing set, vinyl masks, high gloss stickers and an instruction sheet. Due to its low hood it fits over modern mini chassis with no problem but may be too low for older Tamiya front motor minis.

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Trinity White Carbon SlimStick LiPo batteries

Trinity have announced the release of their new SlimStick White Carbon LiPo battery range. The new super narrow batteries comes in handy especially when running mid motor touring cars where the reduced width makes for better left/right chassis balance while offering an overall lower weight. Like the LCG the SlimStick is another perfect option for weight placement, and can improve the handling of touring cars especially with corner speed. Two different specifications are available a 6000mAh 7.4V (139x38x25mm/240g) variant and a 5500mAh pack (139x38x25mm/237g). Both are built using high-quality 100C cells and they utilise 5mm bullet-style connectors.

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TDK Gen 2 tyre traction compound

TDK have announced the release of their new Gen 2 tyre traction compound. The next generation of the brand’s safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable tyre sauce has a tweaked formula to work better with both on and off-road tyres. For off-road TDK Gen 2 has been designed to work with modern synthetic compounds and provides improved tyre and foam life for all compounds. For On-Road, TDK Gen 2 will work best on gray carpet or asphalt tracks. The traction compound is a nearly odourless, yet extremely effective sauce that provides a quick break-in and gives tremendous traction all while offering greater tyre life.

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More Awesomatix A12 prototype images

Awesomatix have released more images of their A12 dubbed 1/12th scale project that hit the light of the day just days prior to last week’s 2020 IFMAR 1/12th scale World Championship. The pan car is of a pretty radical design with the main chassis having received a V-shape with the rear power pod obviously being attached directly to the “ears” of the V, doing away with traditional pitch and roll dampers. Machined aluminium braces on both sides of the chassis seem to allow the limiting of suspension travel while the front end is also of a somewhat unusual design with large diameter king pins and a construction that seems to allow for stepless spring preload and ground clearance adjustment. The car is still in prototype stages with the said vehicle having allowed Awesomatix’s team manager, Max Mächler to finish 5th in the Stock class A-main while Freddy Südhoff achieved a fine 18th place overall in the Modified class, leading a field of four A12s in Modified. The guys of Awesomatix will now sit down to evaluate the collected data and to refine and finalise the design.

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TLR 8IGHT-X Elite Nitro Buggy Race Kit

Coming later this month from Team Losi Racing is the 8IGHT-X Elite Nitro Buggy Race Kit. The Elite version of the 1/8 8IGHT-X comes with updated suspension geometry, as well as a new chassis layout that features an updated drivetrain. Here are more highlights- * 3mm thick 7075 aluminum chassis * Front universal driveshafts * […]
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